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Photographic Consent Form

Do you give your consent for us to video/photograph/record your child when they are taking part in musical activities? Photography, Film and Audio: Milton Keynes Music Hub is part of MK Council and occasionally uses photography for publicity purposes. We would like your permission to photograph/film/record audio of your child for possible inclusion in promotional material, website and other publicity material including social media. We will ensure as far as possible that the images/video/audio are not used inappropriately but by submitting this permission form you accept that should this happen, the council does not accept responsibility. Your contact details will remain strictly confidential. Photos/videos/audio recordings may be used to promote Music Hub events, Music Centre activities, concerts and festivals (such as End of Term Concerts, MK Festival of the Arts and Music for Youth). Images/data will be deleted as it becomes outdated or upon request. Please note that any data already released into the public domain may be available elsewhere but records within the Milton Keynes Council systems will be deleted upon request. No personal information about a child will be attached to any of the images to ensure they cannot be identified. Data may temporarily stored on devices outside of the Milton Keynes Council environment (for example, on cameras, phones, tablets) but otherwise will be stored on password protected council systems. Photos may be shared within the council and with the press and select publications, including Town and Parish Council magazines although individuals will not be named. Images will be the property of Milton Keynes Council and I waive the right to approve the finished photograph, video or audio. Fresh photographic consent will not subsequently be sought but I can withdraw my consent at any time by contacting the Music Hub.

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