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Our aim at Rock School is to help young people take part in music and share in the great rewards it can bring

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Location: Community Learning MK – Music Faculty

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Opening hours: M-T 9am – 5pm | F: 9am – 4.30pm

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If you would like to join a Rock School group, please click here to complete an application form.

f you just want to enquire at this stage, please click here to tell us about yourself.


If you would like to join Rock School, please click here to complete an application form.

If you just want to enquire at this stage, please click here to tell us about yourself.

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Our Tutors

MK Rock School tutors are all experienced pro players with skills learnt from years spent touring and recording.

Andy Glass – is the current Rock School manager and has been teaching guitar at the school since 2000.

Andy has toured extensively throughout Europe and the USA with his own band Solstice and with acts such as Jethro Tull, Bill Withers and Geno Washington.

He has written, recorded and produced numerous

albums, worked as a studio session musician and musical director as well as both a live and studio sound engineer. (external link)


Pete Hemsley – is our drum tutor and has also been at the Rock School from 2000.

Pete has an outstanding reputation as a drummer and producer and has toured across the globe with numerous bands.

He has been signed to Virgin and Sony records and played with some of the greats including Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin!

With many albums and production credits to his name Pete has received awards for his exceptional work.

Testimonials from parents
  • “My son had a fantastic experience with you… he was buzzing.  It pleases me especially as he lacks self confidence and so loves playing the guitar and the format he described allows him to be braver with the past time he loves.” 
  • “I have been meaning for the last couple of years to formally contact you and say thank you for the hard work you and the other tutors do at Rock School every week. I have however, just come home from the end of year show and blown away does not describe how I feel right now. The quality of all the young musicians you coach was astounding, the sheer delight in their eyes was heart-warming and the understated encouragement, warmth and support you gave them was humbling…thank you for doing what you do, the show was truly amazing.” 
  • “On a more personal note you have nurtured Ted (and I am sure others) and helped him believe in himself; you challenge him when it is appropriate and support him when he needs it, you do all of this with a palpable passion for young talent and the music they play. Because of this he plays the guitar and now drums with a passion and confidence that goes beyond his natural comfort zone…thank you for making him feel so special.” 
  • “Rock School is an amazing opportunity for young people to find their passions for all music in a safe, supporting and enlivening environment. You must be very proud of yourself and the other tutors for creating this vibrant atmosphere.” 
  • “Ted and all of us in his family are very grateful to you all.”

Let's get ready to rock!

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Join us for a no obligation trial session

About Rock School

If you are in school years 5-13 you can come to Rock School to learn, improve and gain experience as a singer, drummer, guitarist or bass player. In fact, if you sign up for one instrument you can attend another completely free!

‘Beginner’ and ‘improver’ sessions are an hour long and, although the focus is on learning your instrument, there are still opportunities to play together as a band every half term.

‘Intermediate’ and ‘advanced’ sessions are for more experienced players and are 2 hours long. During the first hour all groups learn the same song with the second hour spent playing as a band in a fully equipped space including vocal PA, guitar amps and drum kit.

If you’re interested in Rock School you’re very welcome to come along and join us for a session to see what goes on and to give us a chance to assess the best group for you.

Check out the MK Rock School YouTube channel and the MK Rock School Facebook page to see what we are all about! 

Here’s how the sessions are organised:

  • Beginners/Improvers – Mondays 5-6pm – Guitar and Drums – for beginners or those with some experience.
  • Beginner/Improvers – Wednesdays 5-6pm – Drums – for beginners or those with some experience.
  • Intermediate – Monday 6-8pm – Guitar, Drums, Vocals – for competent players (inexperienced singers are welcome to join this session).
  • Advanced – Wednesdays 6-8pm – Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals – for intermediate and advanced players.

Sessions take place at Stantonbury International School in the Cooksey 3 building.

Autumn Term 2021

Session Dates:

Mon 19 Sep 22 / Wed 21 Sep 22
Mon 26 Sep 22 / Wed 28 Sep 22
Mon 03 Oct 22 / Wed Oct 22
Mon 10 Oct 22 / Wed 12 Oct 22
Mon 17 Oct 22 / Wed 19 Oct 22
Mon 7 Nov 22 / Wed 9 Nov 22
Mon 14 Nov 22 / Wed 16 Nov 22
Mon 21 Nov 22 / Wed 23 Nov 22
Mon 28 Nov 22 / Wed 30 Nov 22
Mon 5 Dec 22 / Wed 7 Dec 22

Spring Term 2022

Session Dates:

Mon 9 Jan 23 / Wed 11 Jan 23
Mon 16 Jan 23 / Wed 18 Jan 23
Mon 23 Jan 23 / Wed 25 Jan 23
Mon 33 Jan 23 / Wed 1 Feb 23
Mon 6 Feb 23 / Wed 8 Feb 23
Mon 27 Feb 23 / Wed 1 Mar 23
Mon 6 Mar 23 / Wed 8 Mar 23
Mon 13 Mar 23 / Wed 15 Mar 23
Mon 20 Mar 23 / Wed 22 Mar 23
Mon 27 Mar 23 / Wed 29 Mar 23

Summer Term 2022

Session Dates:

Mon 24 Apr 23/Wed 26 Apr 23
Mon 8 May 23 / Wed 10 May 23
Mon 15 May 23 / Wed 17 May 23
Mon 22 May 23 / Wed 24 May 23
Mon 5 Jun 23 / Wed 7 Jun 23
Mon 12 Jun 23 / Wed 14 Jun 23
Mon 19 Jun 23 / Wed 21 Jun 23
Mon 26 Jun 23 / Wed 28 Jun 23
Mon 03 Jul 23 / Wed 05 Jul 23
Mon 10 Jul 23 / Wed 12 Jul 23

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