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Music Hubs work with a wide range of Partners to bring the highest qualilty musical experiences to young people.

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Professional Partner Scheme for instrumental teachers

Working in partnership with the MK Music Hub, instrumental teachers can apply to be a Professional Partner.  Becoming a partner is a commitment on the part of the teacher to develop themselves as a teacher and to offer high-quality teaching experiences for anyone they teach.

All Professional Partners should have a current DBS and Public Liability insurance as parents and schools may require this as a condition of engaging them for any work.

Benefits include low-cost access to CPD and other professional development, networking opportunities, advertising on the Music Hub website and being a part of the local music community.

MK Music Hub

Hub Partners

MK Music Faculty

MK Music Faculty

MK Music Faculty is part of Milton Keynes Council and is lead organisation for the MK Music Hub. It co-ordinates and delivers musical opportunities for children and young people both in school through its whole-class instrumental programme and via ensemble membership at its music centre. It offers progressive routes for a range of musical genres and supports schools in their singing strategy and staff development. It works closely with the Milton Keynes Music Co-operative and local schools to ensure that as many young people that wish to can learn a musical instrument.

For more information email us or give us a call on 01908 253520.

The Stables

The Stables

The Stables is one of the UK’s leading live music venues, providing a varied musical programme of all genres including pop, rock, classical, blues, soul, folk and world music, and with some 350+ concerts and 250+ music education sessions taking place every year, including  the annual National Youth Music Camps. The Stables Learning & Participation program works with all ages, including adults and young people. If you would like to more about their work email The Stables  or call them on 01908 280800.

Inspiring Music – Central Bedfordshire Music Hub

Inspiring Music – Central Bedfordshire Music Hub

As the lead organisation in the Music Hub for Central Bedfordshire, Inspiring Music:

  • directly provides services

  • work with partner organisations locally, regionally and nationally

  • signpost to opportunities locally, regionally and nationally

  • gathers and collate information which we share with our customers e.g. information about local music groups and events

Arts for Health

Arts for Health

Arts for Health (Milton Keynes) uses arts and creativity to improve health and wellbeing.  The services it offers include: Arts on Prescription for people with mild to moderate mental health conditions (depression, stress and anxiety) receiving healthcare in the community.  Arts  for people with Dementia and for those who have had a stroke.

MK Youth Choir

MK Youth Choir

Welcome to our choir! Milton Keynes Youth Choir is a choir for young people aged 8 to 18 with unbroken voices. We sing a wide range of music under the guidance of our inspirational Musical Director Craig McLeish. We rehearse every Tuesday during term time from 5:45pm to 7:25pm at Stantonbury Campus.



Youth Advice and Guidance is a free and confidential service for young people in Milton Keynes aged 16-19 (Up to 25 with learning difficulties or disabilities) who are not in employment, education or training. Our skilled and experienced Personal Advisers are here to help you make decisions and take action.

Arts & Heritage Alliance

Arts & Heritage Alliance

The Arts & Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes (AHA-MK) is a forum of organisations that work together to position the arts and heritage sectors as strategic contributors to the community and economy of Milton Keynes.  We promote, represent and develop inclusive arts and heritage, collaboratively delivering or supporting diverse and exciting activities. As managers of MAKE, the Milton Keynes Cultural Education Partnership, AHA-MK works towards the creative wellbeing of children and young people. Through our work we champion the rich heritage and the creative future of Milton Keynes.

African and Caribbean Arts and Heritage union

African and Caribbean Arts and Heritage union

The African and Caribbean Arts & Heritage Union is a new not-for profit organisation that was set up in 2019 to promote racial equality, cultural identity, inclusion, diversity and youth engagement and development in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. It is a partnership of Global Outreach Foundation MK (GOFMK) and the Caribbean community in  Milton Keynes. The ACAHF was brought together by the belief that UK based African and Caribbean communities are stronger together especially but not limited to residents of Milton Keynes & surrounding areas. This drive is to recognise the diversity of Milton Keynes, tackle inequalities and bring about positive change by supporting all young people across MK to develop their sense of identity, culture, self-worth, confidence, motivation, and practical life skills through our various activities.



MK Music Hub is proud to be working in partnership with schools and settings on their Artsmark Award journey. By
supporting Artsmark settings, we’re helping put the arts at the heart of education, inspiring young people to create, experience and participate in high quality arts and culture.
Find out more about Artsmark at

MK Music Co-operative

MK Music Co-operative

Milton Keynes Music Co-operative is a not-for-profit association of self-employed specialist music teachers. We provide a wide range of instrumental and vocal tuition in the Milton Keynes area, working in many local schools, as well as providing out-of-school tuition to both young people and adults. Our aim is to develop each pupil’s musical potential according to their individual needs and aspirations. Teacher members are provided with regular CPD training.

If you want to know more, email the MK Music Co-Operative or call 01908 699052.

Bedford Music Trust

Bedford Music Trust

The Bedfordshire Music Trust is a registered charity, founded in 1999 to support the development of youth music opportunities across the region.

The Trust runs a range of courses and events for students who already play an instrument or sing but who are looking to take part in high quality ensembles or groups. Our current groups include orchestras, wind and concert bands, string groups, chamber groups, a choir and a Youth Opera production. And we have plans to expand provision over the next few years.

For more information about our activities please contact Helen Nightingale at or call us on 01234 783054.

The Luton Mix – Luton Music Hub

The Luton Mix – Luton Music Hub

The Mix is Luton’s music education hub – schools and music organisations working together to provide the best possible music-making opportunities for young people in Luton.

MKIAC – Milton Keynes Islamic Arts Heritage and Culture

MKIAC – Milton Keynes Islamic Arts Heritage and Culture

MKIAC has been operating in Milton Keynes (prompted by the 9/11 attacks) to connect communities, and bring people together through high quality shared arts experiences. We work in a diverse range of locations across the city including, community centres, schools, galleries, libraries and museums. We deliver arts workshops, seminars and events inspired by Islamic arts and heritage. We explore the themes of Calligraphy, Architecture, Geometry, Arabesque and Garden design. We believe that art transcends religion, politics and race and empowers the individual and benefits the community. MKIAC have started a new phase of delivery One Journey: Connecting Communities a programme of high quality arts experiences focussing on strengthening community cohesion.

Drum United

Drum United

drum united is a Social Enterprise based in the UK with an infinite view to create social change on a local level for the global community through the power of our positive mindful drumming.

We have 10 years experience providing interactive, unifying and uplifting sessions.

We have succesfully built an online studio setup and membership website which means we are now webcasting our tutorial lessons for a global audience 5 days a week.  Subscribe and join in!

Youth Music

Youth Music

Youth Music’s vision is that one day, all children and young people will be able to have musical lives.

We’re a national charity investing in music-making projects which support children and young people aged 0-25 to develop personally and socially as well as musically.

We work particularly with those who don’t get to make music because of who they are, where they live, or what they’re going through.

Alina Orchestra

Alina Orchestra

Alina is a professional orchestra that wishes to make classical music accessible & inclusive for everyone in the community. Founded by Chief Executive, Nick Cutts in 2017, the orchestra creates concerts that introduce audiences to classical music by presenting them in a friendly and approachable way, taking audiences on a musical journey of artistic excellence and captivating performances, led by renowned Musical Director, Hilary Davan Wetton.

‘For me, it was a really emotional occasion – I don’t think I’d quite grasped how much I’d missed the power, energy and beauty that an orchestra generates’.

Alina believes that to be part of a community, we need to serve the needs of that community.  We serve as a ‘community resource’  providing a dedicated programme of outreach to the community which includes: working with local Care Homes to provide workshops that support those living with Dementia, providing young people from local music hubs with musical opportunities and creating small events for those members at the heart of the community that, for whatever reason, do not have access to classical music and its many benefits.

The ethos behind everything that Alina Orchestra does is:  ‘Music for Everyone’

MAKE – Milton Keynes Arts Education

MAKE – Milton Keynes Arts Education

MAKE is a charitable initiative developed to support children and young people create, participate in and influence arts and culture in Milton Keynes. It does so through inclusive, arts-based projects which impact children and young people in three key strategic areas:

  1. Happier and Healthier Young People
  2. Exploring, Discovering and Enabling Creativity
  3. Careers, Skills and Opportunities

MAKE is run by a collective of over 60 organisations and institutions that work across culture, education, wellbeing and youth. A diverse range of individuals including teachers, school leaders, creative practitioners and youth workers are amongst those who drive MAKE’s work forward.

MAKE is managed by The Arts & Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes (AHA-MK) and is supported by Artswork, The South-East Bridge.

Music for Bedford Borough

Music for Bedford Borough

The Bedford Music Hub consists of organisations that specialise in music education that work together in partnership, to ensure that all children and young people across Bedford Borough have access to high-quality musical experiences. Music for Bedford Borough is the lead organisation and receives funding from the government to support a variety of musical activities and events.

MK Festival of the Arts for Dance, Music and Drama

MK Festival of the Arts for Dance, Music and Drama

The Milton Keynes Festival of the Arts for Music, Dance, and Speech & Drama is Milton Keynes’ largest and longest running performing annual arts platform for amateur performers of all ages, founded in 1968 and attracting almost 4,000 performers each year. The event runs for five weeks throughout February and early March and comprises dance, music and drama, all organised separately, encompassing every genre of performance from comic verse to Shakespeare, musical theatre to opera, piano to bassoon and ballet to song and dance with a whole lot more in between !!  Performers pay a small amount to enter their chosen classes and at the festival each entrant is given constructive advice on their performance from a highly experienced and professional adjudicator and awarded a certificate and a written feedback sheet, plus there are medals, trophies and prizes awarded also.

Send an email for more information.

Paul Harris – Composer, educator, performer

Paul Harris – Composer, educator, performer

Paul Harris is one of the UK’s most influential music educationalists.  He studied clarinet at the Royal Academy of Music, where he won the August Manns Prize for outstanding performance in clarinet playing and where he now teaches.  He is in great demand as a teacher, composer, and writer (he has written over 600 books); and his inspirational masterclasses and workshops continue to influence thousands of young musicians and teachers all over the world in both the principles and practice of musical performance and education.

Unit 9

Unit 9

Unit Nine is a live music venue with a 500 capacity. State of the art sound & lighting, also home to a purpose built recording and mixing studio.

A totally unique and vibrant venue based in Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes.  What once was a fully working warehouse now plays homage to some of the best live musical experiences around. 

 With our floor to ceiling superhero graffiti artwork and our the state of the art sound and lighting system, you’ll be treated to a mix of live music, clubnights and one off events, right here at Unit Nine, in a venue like no other.  With a capacity of 500 & an upstairs Bar Balcony overlooking the main venue, we manipulate the space to create different vibes depending on the event. 

Situated right next to Wolverton train station and with plenty of parking, Unit Nine is the prime venue to attend or host a show! 

The Bletchley Blues Club

The Bletchley Blues Club

The Bletchley Blues Club is a not-for profit club that attracts high quality acts to Milton Keynes and we are building a community to help promote blues music, in all its forms, to a wider audience.

We were formed at the end of 2019 and now feel established enough to do more to promote live blues music and contribute to the wider arts and heritage in Milton Keynes.

In three short years the BBC has become established as a major venue on the blues circuit and has gained the respect of top-level musicians from not only the UK, but also internationally from the USA, Australia, and Europe. The BBC can attract bands such as The Cinelli Brothers, who will be representing the UK in an International Blues Challenge in Poland and Memphis, USA. We have an extensive waiting list of acts who wish to appear on our stage

In particular we want to contribute to the blues part of the music education of Milton Keynes students and help and inspire others to enjoy, see and hear its involvement in the music of the 20th century.

We love music. We are Blues based. We believe in the power that live music has to lift the heart and soul of people, to move them, to give light and colour to all our lives…that’s what music, and the Arts are there for!

We have educationalists in our group who are willing and able to assist in lesson plans and delivery.

MK Music Hub

Professional Partners

The teachers below have all been accepted as MK Music Hub Professional Partners. All Professional Partner Music teachers are listed alphabetically.

Joe Barefoot

Instrument taught: guitar (all)

Dominic Bennett

Instruments taught: Woodwind: specialising in saxophone and clarinet

Lucy Bignall

Instruments taught: violin and beginner piano

Victoria Burton

Instruments taught: woodwind, specialising in flute

Gareth Cirket

Instrument taught: guitar (acoustic, electric and classical)

Abigail Crossman

Instrument taught: violin and viola

Heather Dunne

Instruments taught: cello and double bass (up to grade 5)

Euan Forrester

Instruments taught: violin - classical and folk style

Rowena Gibbons

Instrument taught: exam accompanist

Emily Gibbs

Instruments taught: piano, keyboard and music theory

Mikako Gilles

Instrument taught: keyboard

Andy Glass

Instrument taught: guitar (acoustic, electric and classical)

Helen Hindley

Instruments taught: clarinet and flute

Michael James

Instruments taught: clarinet, saxophone and flute

Kate Knight

Instrument taught: french horn

Sarah Liddiard

Instruments taught: woodwind and piano

Clare Myers

Instruments taught: clarinet, flute, recorder, keyboard

Malcolm Nevin

Instruments taught: all brass instruments (trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba and all brass band instruments)

Jenny Newman

Instruments taught: violin, viola and traditional fiddle

Julian Pentz

Instruments taught: violin and viola

Margaret Potter

Instruments taught: piano and keyboard

Cicek Randall

Instruments taught: guitar, flute and recorder

David Rose

Instruments taught: trumpet and upper brass

Margaret Smith

Instruments taught: cello and double bass

Sarah Tomlinson

Instruments taught: flute, clarinet, saxophone and recorder

Adam Welch

Instrument taught: guitar (acoustic and electric)

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