Music centre

WCET Continuation Funding Agreement

The Milton Keynes Music Hub will provide some funding so that children can continue learning an instrument following on from a WCET Termly Taster or WCET Year long Orchestral Pathway project.

Funding will be £283 for schools with 1 or 2 classes and £424 for schools with 3 classes.

  • The funding MUST be used for children who have taken part in a WCET project (usually year 5).
  • You may use the funding as you wish for the children who have taken part in the project.  However, we strongly advise that you ask the children to commit to learning for more than 1 term and use the funds to subsidise the cost of lessons.
  • A condition of the funding is that you provide us with the data required on this form.

Amount of funding you wish to apply for

Are any of the students eligible for pupil premium funding, have Special Educational Needs (Statement of SEN/EHC) or both (Pupil Premium and SEN)?

Please tell us how you intend to use the funding

By accepting the funding, you agree to the following conditions: (1) The funding MUST be used for children who have taken part in the WCET project. (2) I have provided the data asked for in this form which will be submitted to the Department for Education via the Arts Council. The MK Music Hub reserves the right to invoice for the funding to be returned if data is not returned promptly.

Milton Keynes Council